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Helping to treat various forms of mental illness, including schizophrenia, acute mania and bipolar disease, the brand medication Zyprexa has been around for nearly a decade and has aided upwards of sixteen million people since its creation and approval. The actual scientific name on the brand name drug is olanzapine and it belongs to a much larger branch of medicinal drugs referred to as psychotropics. These psychotropics fall into the category of antipsychotic medicines, which help to treat and alleviate the symptoms of various mental disorders. While it is not entirely known how these drugs work, it is believed they arbitrate a change in the chemical imbalance that may bring about symptoms of schizophrenia. Basically Zyprexa works in much the same way as it is believed to adjust a chemical imbalance in the brain and in doing so allows the patient taking this atypical antipsychotic, a newer type of antipsychotic medication, to think normally and logically and carry themselves in a more positive manner. Many of the symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar diseases, such as hearing voices and having hallucinations, can easily be treated by taking Zyprexa as advised by a physician. While it make take some time before you begin to witness the effects of taking the drug, you should not get discouraged and you should continue taking your recommended dosage of Zyprexa as prescribed.

If you fear that you are beginning to show some of the symptoms of mental illness it is very important that you contact your doctor as soon as possible. The earlier you notice these symptoms, the sooner you can be diagnosed and begin treatment with antipsychotic medication. Zyprexa may be exactly what you need to return to a normal and healthy lifestyle. If you are experiencing any of the following it is advised that you contact your doctor immediately.

  • Distorted interpretations of the senses
  • Lack of emotions and or feelings of withdrawal 
  • Numerous sleepless nights in a row
  • Feeling like you may hurt yourself or those around you
  • Suicidal thoughts or feelings of depression

In the event that you are demonstrating one of these symptoms you may have a bipolar illness or schizophrenia. Treatment with Zyprexa will allow you to suppress and overcome some of these symptoms and allow you to get your life back on track. It is important also to report to your doctor if you are currently taking Zyprexa or some variant psychotropic drug and beginning to experience some of these symptoms again or your symptoms are worsening and becoming more frequent. 

Like most medications, Zyprexa is not without its side effects. While you may never experience any of the possible side effects of the drug, since medication interacts differently with different people, it is still important that you be aware of them before you begin your treatment with the medication. It is advised that you discuss the possible side effects with your doctor before you begin taking Zyprexa. Some of the most common side effects witnessed during clinical trials of the drug include drowsiness, which was by far the most prominent, dizziness, mild loss of strength and dry mouth. Some of the less common side effects include such things as increased appetite, upset stomach and constipation. There have also been instances of weight gain in patients taking Zyprexa. If you are concerned that you may be subject to this symptom, you should discuss with your physician how you can make lifestyle changes to avoid gaining weight. You medical history is important as well and you should tell your doctor anything that you feel may influence your experience with Zyprexa. A history of seizures, for example, would be a wise thing to inform your doctor of.  

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