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Wood Blinds:

Wood blinds enhance the décor of any room in your home. They add a graceful charm to all window treatments and look great whether you are looking at the windows from the inside or outside the house. As an alternative to shutters, wood blinds are warm and inviting. You don’t have to have the blinds in the color of the wood you choose, as they come in a wide array of wood types, stains and colors, as well as with 1 and 2 inch slats.

If you want your home to have a look of nature, wood blinds will accomplish this for you. Even though they are more expensive than other kinds of window treatments, you will be pleased with the extra money you spent when you see the effect they produce on the room. You are not limited in the choice of wood when you go shopping for the blinds. The two most common types of wood you will find used are basswood and ramin. Basswood is the one that most people prefer, but if you are on a budget then ramin is the cheaper choice. Basswood is a stronger wood for using in blinds and has a more distinctive grain. For this reason, they are the popular choice for staining. These blinds also have a “no hole” option, which allows you to darken the room better than ramin blinds. Ramin blinds have a 2 inch valance to hide the metal headrails at the top of the window, while basswood blinds have a 3 inch valance that is really decorative.

Wood blinds provide better insulation than traditional blinds. The best insulation is from vertical wood blinds. Many people do not want to use the vertical versions because they fear that the hanging slats of wood will warp from the heat and humidity in the home, but these blinds come with a warp free guarantee. The vertical blinds have the same opening and closing features as regular blinds- from the middle or one of the sides. In rooms of the house such as bathrooms and kitchens, where there tends to be a lot of humidity, most installers will not recommend the use of real wood blinds. They will advise you instead to use faux wood blinds. These blinds are less expensive, but they are available in stains and colors to match the other blinds you have.

If you want to add a touch of the tropics to your home, bamboo blinds are available in various shades and colors. An added convenience of having this type of blind is that it can open from the top or the bottom and they are very easy to maintain and clean. They are recommended for use in every room of the home and add an exotic flavour to your décor.

You can have wood blinds custom made to fit each of your windows, They are no more difficult to install than ordinary blinds, but if you prefer you can have a professional installer do the work for you. There are many locations where you can purchase the blinds you need. Home improvement centers usually carry a large selection that you can see and touch when you are shopping for home decorations. There are many online sites that have really good prices on blinds because they do not have the added costs of overhead and employees to pay. If you are decorating on a budget, the Internet is a choice that will allow you to order directly from the manufacturer and you will get a better price. If you shop for wood blinds in this manner, you have to make sure that if the blinds are not suitable when you receive them, you will be able to return them for a refund. Custom blinds are not refundable because they are specially made for you according to your measurements.

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