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Wine Clubs:

Do you know someone that is a real wine connoisseur? Perhaps you’re quite fond of the odd glass of white or red yourself, but never get the opportunity to shop around for a really palatable wine. Well, wine clubs provide the perfect solution for anyone that wants to enjoy or learn more about different wines from all around the world. To join a wine club you have to pay a subscription fee, and there is usually a choice of subscription fees depending on the level of membership that you are interested in. You can normally select from a choice of several membership levels, each more expensive but more comprehensive than the first.

You may not be much of a wine fan yourself, but you may know someone that is very fond of or interested in wine, in which case a wine club membership can make the perfect gift. Once you are a member of a wine club you can start looking forward to some excellent benefits as well as sampling some delicious, palatable, and often hard to find wines from all around the world. Some of the benefits included in wine club membership (depending on the level of membership taken) include:

Monthly or quarterly bottles of wine shipped to you from around the world
Huge discounts off cases and bottles of wine
Invitations to special wine events
Wine tasting session invitations
Wine descriptions with food pairing advice
Newsletters containing information about the latest wines and recommended choices
Travel opportunities to wine-making regions

Wine clubs offer a huge choice, and whether you like red, white, or rose; dry, sweet, or medium; or light, full-bodied, or robust, you are certain to find a wide range of wines to suit your tastes. A wine club gives you the opportunity to try wines that you may never otherwise get the chance to sample, which is a treat indeed for wine enthusiasts.

Of course, to join a wine club you have to be 21 or over, so any wine club will need at least two forms of identification that prove your age. If you are over 21, the good news is that there is a wide choice when it comes to joining wine clubs, and wherever you live, a wine club will be happy to ship or courier to you. So, you can enjoy sampling some delicious wines from the other side of the world without ever having to leave your home.

You may have to pay extra on shipping costs with some wine clubs, and this often depends on where you live and whether the wines will have to be sent via air. You should always check the terms and conditions of a wine club membership in order to ensure that there are no additional charges that you may be unprepared for once you have joined. Once you have found a wine club that you are happy with, you can usually apply online and your membership will be arranged quickly and efficiently, subject to receipt of identification/proof of age.

If you don’t like the commitment of joining a wine club for a long period of time, you also have other options. Many wine clubs will allow you to join and pay on a month to month basis, so you are not committed for the long term. Other wine clubs are free to join, and you only pay for the samples that you want and the events that you attend. And with most clubs, even if you have joined for a longer period, you can arrange re-imbursement of unused membership should you decide to cancel.

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