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Web Conferencing Services:

Communication in business has always been a really important operational aspect – one that enables staff to communicate with staff, workers to communicate with customers, and bosses to communicate with other staff members or customers. However, in the past communication has been rather impersonal in businesses, and has been restricted to phones or letters for many business. Of course, some business arrange for visits so that communication is done face-to-face, but this can take up time and manpower.

Web conferencing is the new way for effortless communication. It is a new collaboration technique that is changing the way businesses communicate. Web conferencing means conducting a conference over the Internet. It can be conducted without attention to geographical boundaries and limitations. Web conferencing can be conducted right from your offices and can even involve international participants.

Advantages of Web Conferencing:

Web conferencing is increasingly being used for everyday business applications such as sales, marketing, training employees, and even for boardroom presentations. Most enterprises are now adopting web conferencing methods as it has a number of benefits namely:

  • Cost Effective: Web conferencing does not involve having to hire a place for the conference and also does not require the participants to congregate in one place, thus reducing operating costs for conferences.
  • Reduces Travel: As web conferencing can be carried out over the Internet, it is not necessary for all to be present at the same place, which makes travel unnecessary.
  • Efficient Communication: This is a more effective means of communication than say e-mailing, or letters of instruction, or even using the telephone. Parties can be face-to-face and have direct communication.
  • Quick Collaborations: Clients and business partners can have real time communications and don’t have to wait to set up meetings, thus saving valuable time.

Getting ready for Web Conferencing:

Web conferencing can at times be a nervous activity, especially if it is your first time. Here are some tips to help you get ready before a web conference and can help you irrespective of whether you are conducting the web conference or are participating in it:

  • Planning: Plan the conference ahead of time and inform all the participants of the date and time so as to not have any issues regarding time differences. Send out any relevant information such as the password or security details for the conference. Circulate or e-mail any documents needed for the conference.
  • Attire: You can be seen during the conference, so dress to impress and for success. Choose sober patterns, muted and soft colors, and don’t believe it is alright to wear your regular house clothes just because you may be participating from your house. Essentially, dress as you would for a conference at the office.
  • Placing the Web Camera: Ensure that the web camera is placed so as to center on your face with a little room left at the top of your head. Focus it correctly so that the picture is clear and you do not need to make changes during the web conference.
  • Telephones: If a telephone is required for the web conference, then try and get one with a headset so that you do not end up holding the phone for the entire duration of the conference.
  • Eliminate Noise: Check all the speakers and microphones to see that there is no interference. Avoid eating and drinking during the conference as these noises can easily be broadcast for all to hear and can be disturbing.
  • Software: Always test your software before the conference to see that it is working properly. You do not want to end up in a situation where you can’t be seen or heard or are left totally out of the conference.

Web conferencing is certainly a very useful tool for efficient communication. If you are looking for a web conferencing solution, then you can either avail of a service from a web conferencing service provider; or you could choose to buy the entire application and install it in your business. This can be very costly but if you are a big enterprise then it could be well worth the cost to be able to have web conferencing facilities.

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