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Web Conferencing:

The world is moving at a breakneck pace and business is now being conducted on a global scale. In such times the need for a virtual meeting place has become all the more apparent. Web Conferencing services have turned this need into a reality. Through web conferencing services you can now conduct a meeting or a conference over the Internet and can do so without leaving the comforts of your home or office. You can even have global participants, all of whom can also ‘attend’ the meeting without having to travel across the globe.

What You Get With Web Conferencing

Below, you will find details about some of the benefits you can enjoy with web conference services, enabling you to see how these services could benefit you and your company.

You can beat time and geographical differences with web conferencing services and give real-time presentations over the web.

You can add visuals and interaction to any conference call with web conferencing services. If you need to have a face-to-face meeting instead of just a conference over the phone, web conferencing services can be of great help.

Web conferencing services enable you to have an urgent meeting without needing to schedule it in advance so that all your international participants can be present.

Use of Web Conferencing Services in Different Industries

Irrespective of which industry you are in, web conferencing services can be a big help. Here is a look at some industries and how they can benefit from this service.

Legal Industry: Web conferencing services can help with depositions of clients and witnesses who are physically unable to meet with you. As a lawyer, you too can save valuable time by not having to travel to meet with them.

Banking Industry: Communicate with analysts and investors about new developments in global investment strategies. Web conferencing services also help banks to efficiently manage high-worth overseas customers.

Public Relations: This is a very delicate aspect of your business. For someone in public relations, web conferencing services can help to have face-to-face communications with the media, your customers, and the public for better relations.

Training and Coaching Industry: With web conferencing services, you can now train people in remote areas. It will also enable students to attend classes in a virtual school without being limited to local coaching.

Sales: Make a more detailed and effective sales pitch to clients and customers with the use of visuals as well as audio by using these services.

This is how web conferencing services can help different industries, and as you can see different industries can benefit in different ways from these services, Whatever type of service or industry you are in, web conferencing can prove invaluable and can improve efficiency and time consumption as well as improving communication.

Types of Web Conferencing Services

There are a lot of companies that offer web conferencing services. Here is a list of some of the services available and their details:

1) Centra Conference (7.1): Service provided by Centra software. Supports Windows (Win) and Internet Explorer (IE).

2) eBoardroom Suite (version 1): From eBoardroom. It goes with any system with flash support. The service costs $250 per month for 10 users per hour.

3) Genesys Meeting Center (version 3): Service provided by Genesys. Supports Win/ IE and NSCP 4. Cost is $0.33 per minute per seat.

4) mShow (version 3.1.3): From Intercall. It is charged at $0.50 per minute per seat.

5) MS Live Meeting (version Office 2003): The web conferencing service from Microsoft. It supports Win/ IE and costs $0.35 per minute per seat.

These are just some of the web conferencing services that are available for your use. These services typically range from basic services for small firms and can go up to being virtual event management services for global companies with greater needs. You should look around for a service that best meets the web conferencing requirements of your business.

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