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Union Square:

Union Square is a cosmopolitan hub that manages to combine a rich history with incredible choice, diversity, and the essence of modern life. This square was set aside as a park in the 1850s, and just over one century later was the location of pro-civil war rallies. However, since those days Union Square has become a real ‘place to be’. It is home to a vast range of exclusive boutiques, high class shops, and famous department stores, making it a dream destination for die hard shoppers – in fact it is the third largest shopping area in the United States. Although Union Square is certainly packed with shops, there are also a great many hotels, restaurants and cafes, and places of interest to attract visitors of all tastes.

Looking around when you visit Union Square will enable you to realize just what a vast range of shops and hotels are at your disposal. Whichever way you look, you will see dozens of shops, hotels, restaurants, and places to explore. There is something at Union Square for every taste, and you can enjoy spending time at the Square as well as spending money at the range of high level retailers around the area. There are a number of surrounding areas to Union Square, as well as the main plaza. Finding somewhere suitable to stay can prove simple, and this is because of in the incredible choices available when it comes to hotels in the area.

If you are looking for an area in which you can find huge, renowned stores such as Tiffany’s and Saks, you can visit Post Street. Here, you will also find a fabulous Levis outlet, where you can pick up the latest fashions for jeans fans. If you visit Stockton, you can enjoy the classy elegance of expensive and exclusive boutiques and the fabulous Old City of Paris department store. If you take a trip to Geary, you will find the world-famous Macy’s department store, which is also the biggest department store on the west side of New York.

If you want to enjoy world cuisine at a vast range of eateries, you won’t be disappointed with Union Square. You can enjoy everything from top class restaurants and middle range eateries, to outdoor cafés and budget restaurants. So, whatever your taste or budget, you should certainly never have a problem getting something tasty and affordable to eat. The areas surrounding the Square are packed with entertainment. You will find a hive of activity, as you come across tourists and business people exploring the entertainment, shops, and eateries.

The Central Plaza is a particularly cosmopolitan area, and this proves the ideal place for outdoor performances and concerts. All visitors to Union Square can enjoy open air exhibitions, concerts, and shows in this area. This part of the square is a breath of fresh air among the throng of shops and hotels that line the areas around the square. If you are a shopping fan, you will be thrilled with Union Square, and you will be able to enjoy top name designers, superb quality, exquisite style, and fabulous choice when you shop at Union Square.

Union Square is a great place for locals and tourists alike, and is popular with business people that want to combine business with pleasure as well as with those that simply want to enjoy some serious shopping and fun. You will certainly not be short of activity – even if it’s just window shopping at the exclusive stores and shops available. You can stay in one of a choice of world class or budget hotels, enabling you to enjoy a fantastic view and easy access to all facilities and amenities at Union Square.

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