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Time Attendance Systems:

Are you going insane trying to manage all the paper time slips of your employees? Is a major portion of your work day being wasted by such administrative work? If so, then it is time for you to get a time attendance system.

Time attendance systems are the new age equivalent of paper time slips. These systems make the everyday tasks of tracking work hours of employees and computing what benefits they have accumulated, very easy and accurate. Growing number of employees, increased paperwork, and the need for efficient time management, has all lead to an increased usage of time attendance systems by companies and organizations.

Due to this, the manufactures of these systems are now designing newer software to take care of various technical needs of different industries. Thus the time attendance systems can now help to organize the morning roll calls of employees as well as help with labor forecasting and management actions.

Should You Invest in Time Attendance Systems?

Although these systems are, on the whole, very useful, here is a look at whether they are beneficial to you and your organization:

  • If the task of managing paper time slips is too overwhelming for you and you need an automatic and accurate solution, time attendance systems are right for you.
  • Time theft is very rampant. It refers to employees rounding off their work hours or taking a few minutes more for their breaks. Although all this can be very innocent, if you have a large number of employees and you add up all the extra time reported, it comes to a huge amount in terms of money. So if you are concerned about time theft, a time attendance system is perfect for you.
  • Time attendance systems can be very useful to large organizations which have more than 50 employees. With these systems, you can keep track of your employees’ login and logout times and also manage the time of your workforce in the most efficient manner by scheduling activities and making your employees more proactive.
  • If you have a small business with less than 25 employees, the paper time slips are manageable, and you do not need specific data on how your employees’ time is spent, then a time management system is not necessary for you.

How Time Attendance Systems Work

These systems may sound very complex in their workings but in reality they are very simple.

  • Employees are given an ID card with a barcode in it and these have to be swiped into a time reader. The reader automatically makes a note of the exact login and logout times of each employee.
  • The card can also be a proximity type card wherein it does not have to be swiped but just has to be held close to time attendance device.
  • Some systems also require the hand prints or finger prints of employees to ensure that the right person is logging in and out. This is for security reasons and even makes swiping of an employee’s card by a friend or colleague impossible.
  • You can have some staff enter the details for your employees or can have your employees do it themselves. Information such as overtime, vacation time, sick time, etc. can all be entered into the time attendance systems.
  • The time attendance software then gathers all the employee data and enters it into a database. Managers and executives can then use all the available data to correctly process the payroll requirements.

Time attendance systems are now available as phone based systems and also PC and web based software.

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