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Tanning Beds:

Over recent years, millions of people have become more aware of the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays upon the skin, and this has made many people far more cautious about exposing their skin to the sun. However, it has not stopped people from wanting to look bronzed and tanned. In fact, having a tanned appearance has become increasingly fashionable, making it more and more difficult for those that don’t really want to have to risk the effects of the sun but do want to look tanned, healthy, and glowing.

This is one of the reasons why tanning beds have become increasingly popular over the years, but even these have been the topics of hot controversy with many stating that they are the safe alternative to tanning and others stating that they can be just as dangerous as natural sunlight. There are certain groups that should avoid tanning beds, and this includes:

Pregnant women
Those with photosensitive disorders
Those with skin disorders should seek advice from their doctor

Anyone that is thinking of spending time on a tanning bed but is concerned due to medical conditions, medication, or any other health related issues, is strongly advised to speak to a medical professional prior to using a tanning bed. Tanning beds work by imitating the rays of the sun, However, tanning specialists state that these tanning beds omit one of the sun’s most harmful rays, UV-C, and that this enables eligible users to tan far more safely.

It is vital, when using a tanning bed, to ensure that you don’t burn through over-exposure. This may lead to a number of problems and issues, so using a tanning bed should be done under professional advice and supervision. Before you start using tanning beds, you should speak to a trained staff member at the salon or health club with regards to the length of time, the frequency, and the setting at which you should use these tanning beds. It is very important to use the beds only as directed by a trained professional, and if advised not to use them by your doctor due to a particular condition, then take heed.

A tanning bed enables the user to enjoy the benefits of a natural-looking tan, because it simulates the sun. However, tanning professionals state that it is a far safer alternative to outdoor tanning because a tanning bed allows the user to control the amount of UV exposure, a luxury that is not possible when tanning outdoors. If you do prefer to get a tan naturally rather than use a tanning bed, you should act with extreme caution, avoid the strong, mid-day sun, cover up delicate areas, and always wear some form of sun protection cream or lotion. Without these protective measure you put yourself and your family at risk of all sorts of dangers, from premature skin aging to skin cancer.

If using a tanning bed to obtain your tan, you will not have to use protection lotions, as you can control your exposure time. Also, avoid using any oils, as these can minimize the tanning effects of these tanning beds and booths. If you have any concerns or questions about using tanning beds, you should always make sure that you speak to a trained consultant in this area and that you are happy with the information provided – and comfortable about using the bed – before you start any regular tanning program.

Of course, in these days of advanced technology, you can also enjoy other solutions to achieving a healthy, bronzed look. Airbrush tans use the latest technology to give you an all-over, even tan without smearing, blotchiness, or the danger of UV rays. Spray on tans, creams, and lotions have also proven popular over the years, although you have to develop the art of applying them otherwise you risk turning yourself a temporary and strange shade of orange.

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