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Paper Cutters:

If there’s one tool that every office needs it’s a good quality paper cutter. A paper cutter is a very versatile and useful tool for all offices, including the home office, and can provide a convenient and simple way to cut paper, plastics, card, and a range of other textiles. You can get paper cutters in a range of different sizes and styles, so there is something to meet every paper cutting need and budget. You can select from all sorts of paper cutters, from mini cutters to professional guillotine cutters.

Of course, it’s not just the office that can benefit from the convenience and ease – as well as the accuracy – of a good paper cutter. Many hobbies may also require the need for paper or other textiles cut with precision and accuracy, and the range of paper cutters available today can offer the perfect solution. Rather than messing around with rulers and scissors – and often still ending up with a crooked line – you can simply slice through the paper with one of these cutter and enjoy a perfectly straight edge with speed.

Those interested in scrap booking can really benefit from the use of a paper cutter, as can those that are involved in arts and crafts. Obviously, it is important to treat these cutters with care – particularly around the home where there may be young children around – as the blade is sharp and can cause serious damage, particularly the bigger guillotines. Make sure that the paper cutter is stored safely away when not in use, out of the children’s way.

Types of paper cutters

These days there are paper cutters available to suit every need and budget. Whether you are into arts and crafts, or whether you are looking for a versatile and invaluable tool for the office, you will be delighted with the range of cutters that are available on the market today. These include:

Mini paper cutters offer all of the convenience and ease of a traditional cutter, but with the added bonus of portability and a lightweight structure. Of course, these cutters aren’t equipped for large quantities of cutting, but can prove perfect for use in an arts or crafts hobby. It can also prove useful around the home office, and is a little safer and easily stored than a larger cutter. This type of cutter locks a double edge razor into moulded plastic surroundings, enabling fast and easy cutting.

Personal paper cutters are slightly more heavy duty than the mini/portable ones. These come in a range of sizes and are very simple to use. You can use the built in ruler and measurements to line up the material or paper accurately. You then simply draw the plastic head, which houses the blade, towards you, and this will neatly slice the material – make sure you keep your fingers a safe distance though. Some of the more advanced models allow for different cuts, such as perforated or wavy cuts, offering an even higher degree of versatility.

Rotary disk cutters are a great accessory that can provide portability and convenience. You can use these with a range of material, and you can also select from a choice of sizes. These cutters are a great choice for arts and craft, as they have interchangeable blades, a variety of cutting patterns, and are easy to use, handle, and store.

Professional cutters and guillotines are a great choice for offices and companies that require high volumes of paper cutting or material cutting. These are durable, cost effective, and very accurate devices, and can help you to achieve a professional look. These heavy duty cutters can come in a couple of different variations. The heavy duty cutter can be used by sliding in the paper and pulling the blade holder towards you. You can also opt for the guillotines, where you place your paper/material in to the appropriate place, and then pull the guillotine style blade down to slice through it.

With such a wide choice of paper cutters available, both companies and hobbyists can enjoy a cost effective way to get precision and accuracy in cutting a range of materials.

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