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Oriental Rugs:

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, it’s always nice to have a room that exudes flair, elegance, and style; somewhere you can entertain and relax with pride. There are many things that will help you achieve just the right look and ambience for that perfect room, such as lighting, artwork, and furnishings. And to finish it off with a touch of elegance and class, why not try an Oriental rug? Oriental rugs have been popular for many years. Oriental rugs are often appreciated for their beauty, style, elegance, and richness.

An Oriental rug can make a real difference to your room, giving it a special warmth and a hint of eastern mystery. You can get all sorts of Oriental rugs incorporating a range of rich colors, so whatever room you want to place the rug in, and whatever your décor, you will find an Oriental rug that fits with the style perfectly. You can get Oriental rugs at fantastic prices these days, and you can also select from a range of sizes and shapes, giving you increased flexibility and choice when it comes to selecting the ideal rug for your room.

Oriental rugs have originated from a number of countries including Central Asia, Iran, Turkey, China, India, and Egypt. Oriental rugs boast a very rich, distinctive style and appearance, enabling you to bring a touch of Eastern promise into the most contemporary of homes. That’s another great thing about Oriental rugs – whether you live in a country house, a traditional house, or a state of the art modern house, an Oriental rug will look fabulous. These rugs fit in with all manner of style and themes, so whatever type of home you have you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of an Oriental rug.

A number of factors may affect the style and appearance of an Oriental rug. Although all Oriental rugs boast a certain richness and unique quality, the design will also be based upon the area of origin, the date of manufacture, and the traditions and history of the local area. The handmade Oriental rugs are made with two types of knot: Persian and Turkish. Repeated knot sequences are used in the handmade Oriental rugs. You will find a wide range of variations in Oriental rugs, making them both interesting and unusual.

When you buy an Oriental rug, you will have something of interest and beauty to really enhance your décor. But it is important to keep your Oriental rug looking good through proper maintenance. You should vacuum the rug on a regular basis to keep it clean, and try and avoid having heavy items or furniture on your rug for long periods otherwise the pile may get damaged. Any stains or spots should be removed right away with an appropriate cleaner, and it is a good idea to have your rugs cleaned professionally once or twice a year based upon usage.

Of course, you can get Oriental-style rugs made in other countries, but for a true Oriental flavor you should opt for a rug that has been made in one of the rug-making Eastern countries. Although the style and look of an Oriental rug can be replicated in Western countries, for many it just doesn’t have the same feel, richness, or unique quality. When you buy your Oriental rug, there are some specific points you should look at to ensure you get the right rug for your needs and your décor. These include:

Color and material of the rug
Pattern of the rug
Find out the origin and age of the rug
Price of the rug
Rug maintenance – any special requirements

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