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A.T. Still University of Health Services:

A.T. Still University of Health Services - Synopsis:
A.T. Still University of Health Services
Offering a range of valuable medical degrees and programs, the A.T. Still University of Health Services is an excellent choice for busy professionals that want to improve their education in the medical field.

A.T. Still University of Health Services - School Profile:

Founded in 1892, the AA.T. Still University of Health Services is home to the world’s first osteopathic medical school. The university is made up of the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, the Arizona School of Health Sciences, the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health, and the International School of Health Management. The university offers an exciting and challenging educational experience for all students to enjoy, and you can enjoy the peace of mind that many students have already benefited from the courses and education provided here over the last century.

The university offers a range of courses, giving students plenty of choice in the degree program that they opt for. You can choose from courses such as Masters Degrees in Public Health, Health Education, Health Administration, Geriatric Health, or a course in Advanced Physician Assistant Studies. You can enjoy a choice of residential programs at this university, all of which are designed to improve your skills, knowledge, and educational qualifications.

With today’s fast paced lifestyle and the commitments that many people have to put first, it can often be difficult to enjoy the benefits of an education, and many people end up having to give up on both their education and their career aspirations. However, the AA.T. Still University of Health Services has a solution to this problem by offering online courses that can be studied in your own time and at your own pace.

With the courses available at A.T. Still University of Health Services you can enjoy a great education in a range of medical fields, whether you are able to study full time or whether you already have a full time career to commit to. With the online courses offered at this university you can study to advance your medical education without disrupting your lifestyle or compromising on your existing commitments, making it the ideal choice for working professionals.

Types Of Programs Offered By A.T. Still University of Health Services:
Health Care - Administration
Health Care - Medical Assisting
Health Care - Fitness
Health Care - General
Health Care - Physical Therapy
Health Care - Technician

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