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Label Printer:

Are you one of those people who have a home retail business and need to keep formatting labels everyday? Or even one of those who simply love sending gifts and letters, and constantly picks up little pieces of label backing from all over the place? If so, then a label printer is just the thing for you.

A label printer is a computer printer that takes necessary data from your computer and puts it onto paper. Computer printers can be impact printers; wherein a part of the printer impacts the ribbon, ink, and paper together, or they can be non-impact printers; where no part of the printer comes in contact with the paper. A majority of the label printers are impact, thermal printers, which implies that they use heat to melt the ink onto the paper. This is a very basic kind of printer and does not require the multifaceted and difficult electronics that are used by most big computer printers. This does mean that you are not going to get fantastic print quality from a label printer but it is sufficient for its main purpose; that of printing labels.

Nowadays many different label types are available which can be printed using a laser or inkjet printer. There are some printers that can also print directly onto printable CDs and DVDs. But these can be quite expensive. So if you have a large number of labels to be printed, then your best bet is a dedicated label printer. A label printer is not good for much anything else, but when it comes to printing labels, there is no substitute for a label printer.

A standard label printer can be bought for under $100 but if you want a faster and better model for greater output, then you can get a great one for about $250. Most label printers take the data to be printed from your computer, but there are some which have a keyboard attached. Thus you can use this external keyboard to feed data directly into the label printer. One such model is the Brother PT-2300.

The Brother PT-2300 label printer

Printing labels with an inkjet printer can be so cumbersome. You have to carefully systematize and arrange the data on your computer and then take care to see that the margins and spaces are well placed so that the data is printed on one label only. This is where a dedicated label printer such as the Brother PT-2300 can be of very good use.

This label printer costs less than $100 and is a very reasonable buy. It has a double functioning unit. It can take data from your computer and print it on many different sizes of tape up to a width of 1”. It is also designed to print logos and graphics on labels and has the ability to read Microsoft Access format files.

A unique function of this label printer is that it can do away with the need of a computer. It has a keyboard with the help of which you can directly enter data into the printer and bypass the computer altogether. The keyboard allows you to enter and revise text, as well as save up to 99 characters in six lines in the memory bank. You can also layout letters in many sizes with the added ability of making the text in bold, italics, and shadow.

A label printer is a very handy little device that can be placed in your home or business very unnoticeably. It is relatively inexpensive and can be a great asset for people who need to print a lot of labels on a regular basis.

You will find a wide choice of label printers available online, which means that you can find just the machine for your needs or your business. Whatever you want the label printer for – whether it’s for small-scale personal use or for large-scale business use – you can find an excellent range via the Internet, making it easier, faster, and more affordable to get just the printer for your needs. Be sure to compare both the cost and the features of a number of label printer before you decide which one best meets your needs and your budget.

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