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Italian Charm Bracelets:

Charms have been used by man for many centuries, and for each generation and era they have offered a different meaning. The first charm bracelets are thought to have been used in Ancient Egypt, where elaborate jewels were used to protect the wearer and to help the Gods to guide the wearer after he or she had passed on. In the Middle Ages charms were used for a variety of purposes, from representation of the family name or the wearer’s profession, to bringing bad luck to enemies.

These days most people view charm bracelets as simply unique and personalized pieces of jewellery – certainly not something that can place a curse on your next door neighbour that you haven’t got on with the past three years, but a sentimental and very beautiful accessory that has real meaning for the wearer. The charm bracelets of the last couple of decades have been dainty, pretty pieces with dangling charms. These could look very effective, but were prone to loss and damage because they were very frail.

The latest rage to sweep America is the Italian charm bracelet. This is a charm bracelet with a difference – a stronger, sleeker, more durable, and more up to date version of the classic charm bracelet. Unlike the older charm bracelets, the Italian charm bracelet does not have dangling charms. Instead it is made up of flat, strong links that interlock with one another. Each of these links has a different design on it, and these are the ‘charms’. The charms on this bracelet are easily removable and changeable, so you can enjoy a classy piece of personalized jewellery that can be kept up to date on a continual basis.

The links on the Italian charm bracelet snap together, forming a strong and durable bracelet that is not prone to a fraction as much damage as the older charm bracelets were. You don’t have to worry about a charm dropping off as you are walking, you won’t have to put up with the charms snagging everything from your stockings to your hair, and you won’t have to worry about the delicate chain breaking.

People of all ages will love the new, stylish Italian charm bracelet – these items of jewellery are well suites to all ages and genders. They look very modern and stylish, yet have a very classic look to them. Some people have taken to wearing these as ankle charm bracelets, bringing back the ankle-chain fashion of the early nineties but with a sturdy, beautiful, and unique piece of jewellery.

You can select from all sorts of charms for your Italian charm bracelet. You can choose from letters and birthstones, animals and flags, sports and zodiac signs, flowers, birds, drinks, cartoons – just about anything you can think of. You can even get special occasion charms such as birthday and Christmas charms, which means that the Italian charm bracelet could make the perfect gift for a special person.

The beautiful design and look of the Italian charm bracelet, along with its new, improved strength and sleek design has already made this piece of jewellery a big hit both in Italy and in the United States. Undoubtedly, we will be seeing these beautiful accessories being sported on many a celebrity arm, and their popularity is set to soar in America. Whether you are buying for someone else as a very special gift, or whether you want to own and wear this special accessory yourself, the Italian charm bracelet makes a fabulous buy and a truly beautiful addition to your accessory collection.


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