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Home Inspector:

Buying a home is an enormous investment for most people, and is also important for reasons other than financial ones. Anyone that buys a home wants to ensure that the property is sound in terms of safety and structure; after all, your home will probably be your haven for years to come, as well as a haven for your family. Plus it is an asset from which you could raise capital, as well as one to pass down to your children. However, it can be very difficult for someone with little or no experience in structural and safety issues to determine whether a property is up to par. A property can look perfectly fine to the untrained eye, but could actually have a host of underlying problems that could cause major disruption and costly issues in the future.

It is important to remember that when you have purchased your home, you are stuck with it until you manage to sell it. If you end up with a property in poor condition or with underlying issues, you could end up spending a fortune trying to fix problems, and in some cases you may not be able to rectify the problems at all. And trying to sell the house may also prove a nightmare, as prospective buyers may already be wise to the dangers and issues to look out for, or they may have the insight to hire a home inspector.

A professional home inspector service is a valuable resource for prospective home buyers, as this service will enable you to determine whether the home you are thinking of spending thousands of dollars on is fundamentally and structurally safe, and whether it is even habitable. There are many aspects of the home that the home inspector will look at, which you may not have even though about checking. Buying a home based on its size, location, décor etc, simply isn’t enough if you want to enjoy true, long term peace of mind.

The home inspector will do a thorough check of your prospective new home before you actually make any commitment, which could save you a huge amount of time, hassle, and cash in the long run. A trained and experienced home inspector will know exactly what to look for, saving you the hassle and worry of whether your new home is going to be sound. The inspection will normally take several hours, which indicates just how thorough the home inspector will be. The actual timeframe for a home inspection will, of course, depend upon the size of the property that you are thinking of buying. Upon completion of the inspection, the home inspector will prepare a written report for you, and this will help you to determine whether investing in this particular property is wise.

It is also a good idea to attend the inspection with the home inspector if possible. You will be amazed at how thorough a good home inspector is, and you can learn a lot from this experience. Even if you end up having to turn down the property due to the home inspector’s report, attending the home inspection will give you an idea of what to look out for next time you are looking at a property. Some of the things that a home inspector will check during the inspection include:

Systems within the house

Roofing, gutters, chimneys, and downspouts

Foundations, wall surfaces, and grading

Electrics, heating, and insulation


Wall, floor, and ceilings

Ventilation and air conditioning

and much more...

The above list gives an idea of the aspects of the property that the home inspector will check, but this can vary depending on the type of property and the home inspector’s qualifications.

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