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Home Security:

For most people their home is not only an important investment, but also a sanctuary and haven for themselves and their family. But, the sad truth is, however nice an area you think you live in, your home is increasingly at risk from a variety of dangers, and in particular from crime. Theft and burglary, and even malicious damage, has increased quite dramatically in many areas, and it has become increasingly important for all of us to make extra provisions and take extra care when it comes to home security. Making your home as secure as possible obviously can’t guarantee that your home will be one hundred percent safe, but it can go a long way toward minimizing the dangers.

There are a number of ways in which you can improve home security, and in many cases you can enjoy low cost solutions. Of course, the available tools and resources for home security have to be combined with common sense and ‘safe thinking’. For instance, it’s not good having numerous front door locks and security lights if you are in the habit of leaving your back door unlocked, or you make it obvious whenever you go on vacation.  You do have to be very careful about all aspects of home security these days, and with a little extra care and some effective security devices, you can enjoy a far increased level of security.

Some of the devices and tools available to increase home security of those that want additional protection for their homes and peace of mind for themselves include:

  • Light sensors for external fitting. These will light up as they sense movement in the immediate area, drawing attention to the area. These can prove effective deterrents, particularly if your property is in view of the road and therefore the sensors will be easily spotted when they come on.
  • Additional locks will provide valuable extra security. These are affordable and easily fitted, and can deter thieves due to the extra time and effort required to remove or break the locks.
  • CCTV is another way of deterring thieves and vandals. Even if it does not deter them, there is a chance that they may be identified through the CCTV footage. For those that want to use this device as a deterrent but cannot afford the expense, there are also dummy CCTV cameras that can put off thieves and vandals.
  • A spy hole fitted in the front door will enable you to see who is at the door before you open it. This is a device that is particularly recommended for the more vulnerable, such as the elderly.
  • Fitting a chain on the door will help to stop uninvited intruders barging into your home, and will enable you to check on your visitors’ identity before inviting them in.
  • Having a house alarm fitted will alert others should someone break into your home, and seeing an alarm box on the outside of the property can deter potential thieves. Although it is always advisable to have a fully functional alarm, for those on a budged dummy alarm boxes are available as a deterrent.

These are just a handful of the various home security products available for the security conscious these days. However, you should remember that access to your home is available through your windows as well as the doors, so look out for extra window locks, and for your ground floor windows, curtains/blinds so that all of your worldly belongings aren’t on show to tempt thieves.

If you have a cat flap fitted, it is a good idea to use electronic cat flaps that are operated via a chip in your cat’s collar. This will deter vandals from pushing undesirable or even dangerous items though the cat flap. For the same reasons, it is also an idea to have an external wall-mounted letterbox fitted, and have the letterbox in your door blocked off.

If you are going away for a few days or on vacation for a couple of weeks, don’t make it obvious to all. Have your mail diverted so that people can’t see it piling up while you are away. Also, leave a key with a trusted neighbor or friend, and ask them to check on your home from time to time.

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