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Skin Care: Our skin is a very precious thing, and one thing that most of us have in common is that we want our skin to look good. This obsession with skin starts at an early age usually adolescence. Most teenagers are horrified ...
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Health and Medical Topics Covered:

This site looks at a number of issues relating to health and medicine, and offers advice and information with articles such as:

Breast enlargement: Breast surgery to enlarge the breasts has become increasingly common and less stigmatized over the years. This article looks at why women have this surgery, offers tips on what to think about before having surgery, and also provides information on what is involved in this type of surgery.

Cord blood: Research over recent years has revealed that both the placenta and the umbilical cord after giving birth contain placental blood, also known as cord blood. This article describes what cord blood is, what the benefits of cord blood are, the types of diseases and ailments it can help to alleviate or eliminate, and the characteristics of cord blood cells.

Defibrillators: Defibrillators are devices that are used to regulate heart rhythm through the administering of an electrical shock to the heart. This article describes how these devices can be used and how they work, as well as describing different types of defibrillators and how to use them.

Difficulty conceiving and infertility: The causes of infertility can be complicated, and successful conception involves a range of connected bodily events. This article looks at the distress factor involved in this, discusses some statistics, and looks at various reasons why this problem could be occurring.

Oscilloscope:  The Oscilloscope is an electronic display device used to produce patterns on a screen that are the graphical depictions of electrical signals. This article looks at how these devices work and what they are used for, as well as the different people that may use them.

Mental illness: There are a number of mental conditions that come under the umbrella of mental illness. This article looks at the different types of conditions that come under this category, and provides an overview of some of the more common ones.

Zyprexa: This is a medication that has been used for nearly 10 years in the treatment of various mental disorders. This article looks at how the drug works, what sort of symptoms to look out for to determine whether you may need to see a doctor with a view to taking this drug, and also looks at the side effects of taking the drug.

Cerebral Palsy: Cerebral Palsy covers a number of disorders that affect control of movement. This article looks at what cerebral palsy is and what its effects are, as well as discussing the different types of cerebral palsy and the symptoms to look out for. You can also learn more about the various treatments used for this condition.

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