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Grandfather Clock:

If you are trying to create a classic, traditional, olden day look to any room in your home, a grandfather clock can make a beautiful addition. These time pieces have a fabulous presence, and can take pride of place in any room. Whether you want to cerate a warm and classic feel to your dining room or living room, hallway or study, a grandfather clock makes an incredible difference to the appearance and feel of the room.

When you buy a grandfather clock, you can enjoy a wide choice of wooden casings, widths and heights. These timeless pieces can add a fabulous antique look to your room, and will be the center of attention in any room. By selecting the right size and casing, you can really complement your room with one of these clocks. And these days, grandfather clocks aren’t reserved only for a traditional looking room. You can also use a grandfather clock as a fine centrepiece for a more contemporary room, simply by choosing a lighter wood.

You can find a large range of grandfather clocks available online these days, so finding the right one for your home and décor is no longer as taxing as it used to be. You can simply compare the different colors and styles from the comfort of your own home – even from the room in which you want to place the clock, which can make it easier to see which one will best fit your needs. Prices can vary from one manufacturer or retailer to another, but in general you will find some beautiful, high quality grandfather clocks at very reasonable prices.

Many people wonder how the term ‘grandfather clock’ came about. Well, it actually originated from North Yorkshire in England. Over a century ago, two bothers ran a small country lodge called The George Hotel. The Jenkins bothers, both bachelors, kept a tall floor clock in the lobby area, which had been kept there for many years. The clock had always been known to keep very good time, which in those days was quite unusual.

After one of the brothers died, the floor clock actually began to lose time. After it started losing fifteen minutes each day, clocksmiths were called in to take a look at the timepiece. However, they were able to do anything and the clock continued to lose more and more time, eventually losing an hour a day. After the second brother died, the old clock stopped ticking altogether, and although fully wound never ticked again. A new hotel manager was assigned, and he left the clock standing in the lobby still showing the time at which the second brother had passed away.

Some years later, an American writer visited the George Hotel and got to hear about the tale of the clock. Henry Work, the writer, was so fascinated by the story and by the clock itself that he decided to write a song about it. Work wrote the classic that most people are familiar with ‘My Grandfather’s Clock’ and after this time these clocks became commonly known as grandfather clocks.

The tale of how the grandfather clock came about is a charming and unusual one, giving these time pieces even more of a touch of mystery and fascination. A grandfather clock is extremely elegant, and can give your room a rich, distinct look that can be enjoyed by all. Whatever your décor or theme, you should have no problem finding the perfect grandfather clock to complement your room and give it just the atmosphere and ambience that you are looking for.

So, if you want to create a room that is as unique as it is stunning, consider a grandfather clock to give your home a really special look. With a grandfather clock you can add a touch of luxury and beauty at an affordable price, and with the quality clocks available today you will enjoy precision as well as stunning looks. Select from light, medium and dark wood casings to suit your needs and décor, and with the wide choice of stunning, high quality grandfather clocks available you are certain to find something to fit in with your budget as well.

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