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Film Festivals:

Film festivals have increased in popularity as well as in terms of credibility and value to the industry. Over the years, many different film festivals have emerged, some blossoming from humble beginnings to world recognition. Many film festivals these days are able to showcase a wide range of films and programming with works that come from all over the globe. Festivals have become an excellent way for newcomers and emerging talent to gain recognition and get that all important break that enables them to get their foot through the industry doors.

Taking part in a festival is one way to get exposure that you need to gain recognition because important people from the film industry attend the various international festivals scouting new talent. This refers to actors as well as writers and directors.

One of the internationally recognized film festivals that reads like the 'Who’s Who' of film when it comes to the attendees is the Cannes Film Festival, held annually in Cannes, France. There are personnel from the major world press producers from buyers and sellers all over the world present at such an event.

Most of the major film festivals around the world are attended by important figures from within the industry as well as those in related industries, which is why these festivals can prove so invaluable to emerging talent that want to showcase or publicize their work. In addition to providing a platform for this emerging talent these festivals have become an important and entertaining social event and a valuable addition to the tourist industry in the areas in which they take place.

The first international film festival to take place every year is the Sundance Festival, which takes place in Utah. This originally started small, but is now a place where over 20,000 people in the film industry congregate each year with over 100 World Premieres taking place. Throughout the year, there are a number of well-known film festivals that follow on from the Sundance.

One of the best known film festivals around the world is the Cannes Film Festival. The Cannes Film Festival was born in 1946, having been talked about and planned since the late 1930s. Having gained charitable status in 1972, this world famous festival has taken place every year with the exception of two, which was due to lack of funding. Although the Cannes Film Festival began as more of an attraction for those that enjoyed film, it quickly gained popularity over the years and this is when the competitive streak entered the festival.

The Tribeca Film Festival is another of the important film festivals held each year. The aim of the Tribeca Film Festival is to spawn new talent in the world of films by enabling filmmakers to find the perfect audience for their work through exposure. This is a film festival that has enjoyed success and discovered talent since it began several years ago, and the festival is set to continue its growth and encourage movie professionals from all genres.

The Seattle International Film Festival is another of the popular and prestigious film festivals that take place every year. Each Spring the prestigious Seattle International Film Festival attracts a wide range of industry professionals, from actors and directors to critics and the media. This is a festival that is dedicated to providing audiences with a combination of excitement and diversity, education enjoyment, and always high quality programming throughout the year.

And the Edinburgh Film Festival is another festival that has flourished over the years. Established just after World War II, this festival began as a documentary based event. However, over the years and decades, the Edinburgh International Film Festival has become a much celebrated and very exciting events, that has showcased the talents of many and has treated audiences to many fabulous samples of world cinema at its best.

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