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Expresso is a very popular drink that is consumed all over the world. Often known as espresso, the brewing method for this beverage stems from Italy. Expresso can be consumed in a number of different ways. It is usually either served in a tiny cup or used as an additive for other coffee based beverages. There are many factors to consider maximizing the potential of expresso and these include:

  • Blend – if you don’t have a good blend of coffee, you cannot have expresso
  • Roast – a light roast is better for preserving aroma
  • Grind – must use a precise combination of time and pressure
  • Grinder – a high quality burr is needed for great expresso
  • Dosing – need to use the right amount and not let grounds sit
  • Tamping – allowing the water to penetrate through the coffee
  • Water Temperature – 92-96 degrees C
  • Water Pressure – between 9 and 10 atm
  • Timeliness – need to be quick and accurate
  • Expresso Cup – needs to be preheated

The coffee

Expresso coffee is a coffee beverage that extracts the best part of the coffee bean. This method was developed in Italy as a way of getting the best flavor out of coffee beans. Espresso comes from the Latin word “Expresere” which means to press out.  In the process of extraction a pump driven machine uses a combination of water and pressure (steam) to extract the expresso liquid from the beans. The pump can either be manual using a lever or an automatic pump, which is automatic.

The equipment

There are a variety of models when it comes to Expresso Machines and each model has its own characteristics. There are Expresso Machines which are super automatic, semi- automatic, manual and of the commercial variety. The prices vary depending on the brand and its characteristics. Some of the companies that develop and sell these kinds of machines include Bosch, Bunn, Capresso, Dualit, Gaggia, La Pavoni, Pasquini, Rancilio, Solis, Saeco and many more.

There are numerous espresso makers available for either the expresso drinker who wants to enjoy a cup at home or for the coffee shop serving expresso to the public. There are so many types that use different mechanisms and help make the process of extracting expresso easier to do.

Manual expresso makers often use a lever, which creates water pressure used in the extraction process. It also produces steam in this manual process and these makers are very durable.

For those who do not want to do this manual work, they can use an expresso maker with an electronic pump. With the flick of a switch a pump is engaged and water pressure for extraction is created. The operator has to turn off the switch after they have extracted the desired amount of expresso. This still requires some manual interaction when determining the desired amount.

The preparation

The process of expresso preparation is one that requires careful precision and practice. Expresso is extracted from grinds of coffee through which purified water ranging from 89-95 degrees C is forced through at 9-10 atmospheres of pressure. The normal brew time is 18-24 seconds the expresso drips out with a reddish-brown color and it is the ultimate coffee beverage.

Expresso is a beverage that you should savor and enjoy! Practice makes perfect when making your own expresso, so take your time and do it right. With so much choice when it comes to finding the right equipment and enjoying ease of use, you should have no problem treating yourself and your friends to great expresso every time – the ultimate in coffee beverage.

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