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Abstract art: Abstract art is art that does not represent the natural appearance of people or objects, but rather simplifies them into basic structures of lines, shapes and colors. This article provides an insight into what abstract art is, gives a brief history regarding this form of art, and discusses different styles as well as the importance of this type of art today.

Australia general and travel information: Australia is a hugely popular destination among both tourists and those looking to emigrate. Here you can enjoy an overview of this fascinating country, learn more about its history and culture, and find out a little more about different areas and attractions in this country.

Aviation accidents: Though the public generally thinks of air travel as safer than automobiles, throughout the history of aviation there have always been freak accidents that fall under everyday mechanical failure. This article discusses some of the aviation accidents on record, detailing what happened and the consequences of the accident.

Benzene: Benzene is a chemical that can occur naturally as well as in many man-made products, and can prove hazardous and even deadly. This article describes the characteristics of this chemical, where it can be found, who is affected, and what the affects of exposure can be.

Environmental law: Environmental law, which is also known as the National Environmental Policy Act, is a law that was passed in 1970. This article looks at why the law was created, what the different areas of this law are and their purpose, and the different stages in environmental law.

Human rights: Human rights is an area that many have fought – even died – for over the centuries. This article touches upon some of the history of human rights, discusses what human rights are, and offers advice on how to become involved in protecting human rights.

Maine: Maine’s nickname is the “Pine Tree State” because of the prevalence of pine trees. This article takes a more indepth look at Maine, discussing some of its history, what can be found here, demographics and statistics, and providing a general overview of the area.

MBTE: MBTE, sometimes referred to as MTBE, is an additive to gasoline that is produced via the reaction of methanol and isobutylene. This article looks at how this additive is used and why, and also looks at both the benefits and the downside to the use of this additive.

Toxic mold: This type of mold can cause a range of health problems and misery for those that experience it. This article looks at what toxic mold is and how it can affect our health, where it can be found, how it can be removed, and also the legal implications involved for those that find themselves exposed to this mold.

Union Square: Union Square is a cosmopolitan hub that manages to combine a rich history with incredible choices, diversity, and the essence of modern life. This article provides a history of the area, as well as an overview detailing what can be found there now and some key areas to visit.

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