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Espresso Machine:

The Espresso machine is also known as the Expresso machine. It is used to make specialty coffee fast and under high pressure so that you do not lose any of the flavor and aroma of the coffee. There is less caffeine in the coffee made in an espresso machine because the high pressure and the short time it is brewed prevent the bitter oils from being extracted in the process. When you only use one or two ounces of coffee in this manner, it is considered an espresso. The correct process of grinding, tamping and brewing under pressure provides a foam on the top of the coffee called “crema”. The crema holds the flavor that makes the cup of coffee a true espresso.

There are many different kinds of espresso drinks that you can make with an espresso machine, such as cappuccino, café latte and café mocha. All of these contain one shot of espresso which is made by forcing one or two ounces of hot water through espresso coffee that is finely ground and tightly packed. It is very common to see these machines at coffee shops, bookstores and corner stores, but many people are also buying them for their homes.

The coffee used in espresso machines is actually a blend of coffee beans from many different countries of the world. The beans are roasted until they look dark and oily and are ground much finer than those used in ordinary coffee pots. The finer they are ground means that the espresso will come out much slower. The normal pace should be about 25 seconds for the hot water to pass through the espresso.

An espresso machine uses high pressure to heat the water inside the machine. The coffee is packed into a funnel shaped vessel with a tube extending to the reservoir where you place the water. Over a high heat the water has to rise through the tube and go through the coffee. You have to use cold water so that the machine can heat it to the correct temperature.

Some of the parts of an espresso machine are:

  • Reservoir – this is the area that holds the water. It can be removed for cleaning and is not pressure tight.
  • Pump- this is the part of the machine that pulls the water up into the heating chamber.
  • Heating chamber – this has a coiled wire in the bottom to heat the water.
  • Porta-filter – this holds the coffee. There is a basket that you can remove and there are two spouts on the bottom that the espresso comes out through.
  • Steam Wand – this is used to froth the milk and is connected to the heating vessel.
  • Control Panel- the off/on switch that also has a light indicating whether or not the water is heated to the proper temperature.

You have to put the water into the espresso machine before you turn it on. Then you wait for the light to indicate that the water is hot enough before you put in the coffee and tamp it down. Install the porta filter and place a cup under each spout. When the espresso comes out into the cups, you can switch the machine to the middle position to froth the milk you want to make it a true espresso.

When you want to purchase an espresso machine, there are several varieties on the market. Steam driven machines are the cheapest and are usually all the same. They come with the espresso machine, two cups and saucers and a video telling you how to make a cup of your favourite coffee. Pump driven espresso machines give you more flexibility and choice. You can choose between two different methods of heating the water – a thermo block, where the water is pumped out of the reservoir and into the block- or a boiler unit where the water is pumped into a boiling chamber. Most of the machines have warmers so that you can go back for your second cup without having to go through the process each time.

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