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Engagement Rings:

An engagement is a very special and exciting occasion for most people, and as is customary this is the time when a very special item of jewelry is given to the female partner from the male. The engagement ring is an item of jewelry that has marked this special occasion for centuries, and it is though that the roots of the engagement ring could go back many centuries – although the ‘ring’ in those days may have been very different to the definition of an engagement ring today.

An engagement ring can be seen in one of two lights, depending on how romantic you are. The romantics of the world see an engagement ring as a sign of true love, and an expression of the man’s love and commitment to the lady. The more practical among us see an engagement ring as a contract (albeit a stunning and expensive one) for marriage. Both are accurate definitions, as the engagement ring is given in preparation for marriage and to show the love and dedication of the couple.

There are many types of engagement rings available these days, and whatever the lady’s taste a man should not have a problem getting the perfect engagement ring. It is customary for the man to spend two month’s salary on an engagement ring, but this is a very outdated view, and these days it is more common for couples to actually sit down together and discuss the cost of the ring. Engagement rings can be very expensive, but there are also plenty of great value rings that are stunning and of high quality. It is important not to go overboard and spend what you cannot possibly afford, as this will start your engaged life off on a very unstable footing.

If you want to surprise her by getting an engagement ring that you know she’ll love, but you don’t know where to start, then it’s time to start investigating. If you live with your partner, a quick rummage through her jewelry box can reveal a lot about the type of precious metals and precious gems that she likes. Then there’s her mother, her siblings – and most importantly, her best friend. It’s also a good idea to sneakily swipe one of her rings from her jewelry box and take it with you in order to get the size of the engagement ring just right.

Once you have decided on your budget, it is time to go and get the ring. If your partner knows that you are getting her an engagement ring and you have both discussed the price, then the purchase will be easy. She’ll know exactly what she wants, and in most cases will probably come with you. This is a very practical and sensible way of purchasing the perfect ring, but in many ways could be considered too practical, with all of the traditional romance taken out of the occasion.

If, on the other hand, you plan to surprise her with that special ring, then you’ll have to make your excuses and go shopping alone. Avoid the mall that she regularly goes to, just in case she decides to go shopping and spots you lurking around in the jewelers. Instead, go somewhere a little further afield – or even go online and check out the fabulous range of engagement rings available from online jewelers. Armed with all of the information you have collected (favorite gem and metal, ring size, etc.) this task should be a little easier. You can select from ‘off the shelf’ rings if you see something you think she’ll love, or you could go for a custom engagement ring by contacting the jeweler with details of what you are looking for.

Diamonds are still hugely popular as the precious gem for an engagement ring, and diamonds go well with just about any precious metal. However, there is nothing more stunning and beautiful than a fiery diamond set in mirror-like platinum, so if you want to really blow her mind with a truly fabulous engagement ring take a look at the diamond and platinum range. If your budget won’t stretch to platinum, you can also get a great look with diamond and white gold.

And when you present her with the beautiful engagement ring, make sure you make it really special as well – take her to your favorite place or somewhere really special and make the occasion even more memorable.

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