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Coin Collecting:

A numismatist is someone that collects, among other things, coins. Coin collecting has become a very popular hobby over the years, and people collect coins for many reasons. Some people collect coins for their historical value, others collect them for their potential future value, some collect coins from a particular country, and some people even collect coins that are still in circulation. Some people aim to collect a series or a type set of coins, which entails the collection of coins of each date or mintmark, or the collection of each design and variation.

Getting started with coin collecting can be a simple process as long as you go through the correct channels. There are a few basics that you will need to invest in to get started with coin collecting, and you could also look into joining a coin collecting club, which will give you a good grounding when it comes to numismatics. You can find out about the different types of collections that you can start, and the benefits of collecting coins. It is also worth investing in a magnifier and a reference book, as this will help you to develop your coin collecting hobby. For those starting out with coin collecting, it is worth starting with coins in circulation just to get used to what you should look for and how you should care for coins. At least then, if you decide that coin collecting isn’t for you, you can simply spend the money and suffer no losses!

If you do collect rare coins, such as historical coins, you must be careful with regards to cleaning them. Trying to make your coins look shiny by cleaning them can slash the value of the coin by fifty percent or more. You should leave these coins as they are, since they are more valuable with their original look. With regards to storing your coin collection, you should invest in an airtight coin holder if your coins are valuable. Obviously, you can simply use a jar or envelope if the coins are not valuable, such as those still in circulation. You should also opt to keep your coin collection in an area with constant yet moderate temperature and low levels of humidity.

Where to get your coins

If you are starting out in coin collecting, and are interested in something other than coins that are already in circulation, there are a number of places where you can get your coins. The value of joining a professional club or group cannot be underestimated, as you will be able to access many additional resources and pick up some valuable tips. You can also invest in reference and informational books on coin collecting, which can also offer valuable advice on coin collecting and buying coins for your collection.

Coin shops are a good place to find some interesting coins, and a professional dealer can offer advice as well as some great coins for your collection. Coin shows are also a valuable resource, and a great way to network as well as access coins from a range of dealers all in once place.

Mail order coins are often available, and you may sometimes see commemorative coins advertised in magazines and periodicals. You can order these by sending a cheque and an order form. The Internet is another place where you can find coin dealers and you can order your coins online. The coins will then be delivered to your door. With both of these sources, you should ensure that the dealer has a good reputation as well as a good returns policy. When the coin arrives, check it carefully, or if you are inexperienced get a professional to check it for you. This will ensure that you can send the coin back should it turn out to be anything other than you expected.

Auctions can result in some valuable finds, and you could get some excellent deals and very interesting coins from an auction. Likewise, flea markets can throw up some real gems, and you can add some really interesting coins to your collection through this source.

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