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Children's Books:

For many decades, children’s books have provided pleasure, fun, and basic reading and literacy skills to children all over the world. Children have enjoyed some magical and wonderful tales from incredibly gifted authors such as Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton among others, and even today children’s books provide a very rich, fulfilling, and educational form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by children alone or, better still, children and parents together.

Children’s books have proven hugely inspirational over the years, encouraging children to use their imaginations as well as their minds. You can promote basic literacy skills by using children’s books as a combined form of interaction and entertainment, making these books invaluable to the development of the child’s mind and imagination. Children can become easily captivated by books, and there is such an excellent choice of books these days that you can get reading material to suit every age and reading skill level.

Not all children have the ability or the inclination to work their way through full size books such as the mammoth Harry Potter novels that have been doing the rounds over recent years. But if your child doesn’t seem to be interested in finding out all about the Philosopher and his stone, then worry not, as there are plenty of other choices available when it comes to children’s books. Some of the options are outlined below:

Picture books

For younger kids that enjoy bright and colourful pictures, these books are invaluable. They also pique the interest of younger children and help to develop their interest in books. The simplicity of picture books means that children can enjoy developing their reading skills in a fun and entertaining way, with plenty of color and simple yet imaginative stories.

Books for younger readers

You can enjoy a range of story books for younger readers, where the plots are a little more complicated than picture book plots, and there are not quite as many pictures. However, these books still contain interesting illustrations that will catch the child’s eyes, while enabling the child to develop reading and literacy through longer words and more complicated plots.

Books for older children

There are many books these days for older children, with authors such as Philip Pullman and J.K. Rowling providing entertainment for older readers. This is where story plots get more complicated, to the point where even adult readers enjoy reading these books. Children can develop at different rates when it comes to reading, and one ten-year-old child may feel comfortable reading a book for older children, whereas another may not feel ready for some time, if at all.

Personalized books

Personalized books have become the latest craze with children’s books, and as well as making the perfect gift, can help to develop a child’s interest in reading and books in general. Now your children can actually be the heroes in their personalized children’s books. Imagine how excited and thrilled your children will be when they see their name in print! They can solve barnyard mysteries ala’ Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, or visit exotic countries in faraway lands. They can lead their very own hometown parade or be awe-inspiring sportspersons. A whole world of new discoveries is waiting for your children in the form of personalized children’s books.

Non-fiction children’s books

Of course, it’s not just fictional work that can inspire, educate, and entertain children. The vast range of non-fiction books can also help to develop interest and knowledge for children of all ages. You can get non-fiction books about everything from dinosaurs to steam engines and everything in between, so whatever your child’s interest or hobby, you can treat them to the value of reading.

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