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Breast Enlargement:

Breast enlargement surgery is a procedure that has become increasingly common among many women, and people have this surgery for a number of reasons. Many opt for breast enlargement surgery simply as a matter of personal taste – they may feel uncomfortable because they feel that their bust is too small, and in a society where a big bust line seems to be the in thing they are prepared to go the extra mile to compete. Some women opt for breast enlargement surgery because they want to go into a particular profession, such as modelling, exotic dancing, etc. and they feel that a larger bust will help. Others have breast enlargement surgery for less superficial reasons – perhaps due to differently sized breasts or to correct the breast volume after pregnancy.

Some people rush into breast enlargement surgery without taking the time to consider whether it will really make a difference to their lives. This can be an expensive procedure, and for many can be a real boost to their confidence, self-esteem, and even their quality of life. But for others, it comes as quite a shock when the breast enlargement surgery makes little or no difference to their lives. Of course, this doesn’t happen with everyone, but it does happen. It can pay to put a little extra time into thinking about whether you will really benefit from breast enlargement surgery, and even speaking to a doctor or consultant about the procedure in order to come to your decision.

What it entails

During breast enlargement surgery an implant is inserted behind each breast, and it is this that increases the bust line. Many women go for quite a subtle change, and these implants can enhance your breast by one cup size or more. The implant is basically a shell filled with a saline solution or with a silicone gel. There is some controversy regarding silicone implants, and the Food and Drugs Administration has placed restrictions on the use of these particular implants. However, there is no restriction placed on the saline implants.

Making your appointment

If you decide you want to have breast enlargement surgery, you will need to make an appointment to see the consultant. It is important that you have a health check and evaluation in order to ensure that you are fit and healthy enough for the breast enlargement surgery, and the consultant will arrange this. Another job for the consultant is to go through the details of the procedure with you, and give you an idea of what to expect from your surgery. The consultant should explain exactly what will be involved, what sort of anaesthetic and implant will be used, the full and final cost of the surgery, and perhaps most importantly of all, the risks associated with the surgery. Armed with all of this information, and based on the results of your health check, you can make a more informed decision with regards to whether you want the procedure and whether it will meet your expectations.

The risks

It is important to remember that breast enlargement does involve surgery, and any surgery involves an element of risk. Although this procedure is performed every day and usually without problems, there are no guarantees with any type of surgery. There are risks regarding the results of the surgery – for instance, the result may not be all you expected, even after paying out a large sum of money. And there are also more serious risks, such as infections, hardening, swelling, and scarring.

It is vital that you ask your consultant to run through all of the possible risk factors with you before you commit to having any type of breast enlargement surgery.

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